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Daymdrops Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is Back Review



He says, “Popeye’s I just gotta say Thank You for giving the people something they didn’t even know they deserve. And we the people do deserve this. Popeyes, I was hoping and praying that you wouldn’t change a thing. “Popeye’s Thank You. Thank You for not Changing a thing”
“You didn’t change a Thing!”
“It’s GOOD, Right? I can see you Drooling”
Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 4.30.51 PM
I Think He Likes It ? 


Hello All ! I'm Daniel Bellino "Z" Best Selling Italian Cookbook Author and Publisher of Positano The Amalfi Coast ... I have traveled the World extensively and have been going to: Napoli, Capri, Positano, and The Amalfi Coast of Italy Since 1985 ... I live and write in New York's Greenwich Village. I am the Best Selling author of such Books as : SUNDAY SAUCE , The RAGU BOLOGNESE COOKOOK, The FEAST of The 7 FISH, and the soon to be released POSITANO - Capri The Amalfi Coast , a book that tells stories of Napoli, Capri and Psoitano, and is part Cookbook of Regional Dishes of the area, as well as being a Guide Book of this region of Italy. I have been a Restaurant and Wine Professional for more than 30 Years, and I Created America's 1st Ever Venetian Wine Bar (Bacaro) in 1997, in Bar Cichetti, where I was the Head Chef / Wine Director and Managing Partner.

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